Wooden Floor sanding and Polishing Services

We freshen up hard wood floors that are worn out, faded and have an old look. We use modern technology to ensure that we restore all wooden floors to their natural look. We uphold utmost professionalism and quality   by offering free inspection so as to determine the best course of action in polishing and   maintaining of wooden floors both for Residential Premises and Commercial Premises.

Wooden Floor sanding and Polishing Services

Our service Methodology is First, Floor Sanding, then Polishing and an exquisite finishing of the floor waxing ensuring that your floor is restored to its new look .All worn out wooden floors, faded wooden floors, broken wooden floors, dusty  wooden floors, Stained wooden floors with water or urine from our home based Pets.

Our trained technicians will ensure that all wooden floor are cleaned and restored to its original look, to enable you and Family colleagues friends  feel at home and also creates a comfortable ambiance within  and outside our House or office Premises.

Floor sanding and Polishing of Wooden floors is majorly important and should be done twice in a Year so as to be able to maintain the wooden floor to its initial state and standard and also to enhance its lifespan in relation to durability and also avoid invasion of Pest like Termites and growth of molds within the edges and corners of the Wooden Floor.

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