Mattress cleaning services in Nairobi

We deserve a good night’s sleep after a long day of work, and what better way than in clean beddings and mattresses? We will clean your mattress from the comfort of your home using Modern technology machines to ensure that your Mattress is Clean, Fresh and free from micro –organisms and pests.

Mattress Cleaning Services in Nairobi Kenya

We offer our services in Nairobi and Kenya at large.

Our trained Technicians uphold utmost professionalism in cleaning services ensuring that all stubborn stains are removed on each side  to attain a spotlessly clean mattress free from dirt, dust and foul smell  making it Fresh and clean

As we all know, we spend an average time of 8 hours of sleep per day hence a third of our lifetime on our Mattress, thus the need for regular Mattress cleaning. We at Conpest cleaning services ensure that we offer quality and professional cleaning Services in Nairobi and Kenya as whole.

Cleaning Mattress is highly Personal Service that we treat seriously with Skillful and trained expertise to ensure that we get rid of layers of dirt, dead skin cells, sweat, debris within the Mattress linen and stubborn stains that brings about unhealthy and disease prone pests that brings about disease causing infections.


Call Conpest cleaning today on 07041201219/0721935885 for quality Mattress cleaning services in Nairobi and Kenya as whole.

We clean all types of Mattresses ranging from Futon Mattress, Foam Mattress, Pillow Mattress and regular mattress.

Our price range depends on the size of the Mattress:

For 5 by 6 Size ……………  Ksh. 2000     Mattress bed …… Ksh. 4000

For 6 by 6 size ……………. Ksh. 3000

Duvet Cleaning Services in Nairobi.

Enjoy quality and Professional Duvet Cleaning Service in Nairobi. Call us today for exceptional Duvet cleaning services in Nairobi. It is recommended that we clean our Duvets twice in a year to ensure that they don’t harbor allergens, fungus or even dust mites.

Getting your Duvet cleaned is now easier and convenient through collection and delivery to your Home or Work Place. Place an order today and get your Duvets Cleaned.

Our Technicians will provide high effective sterilization and removal of allergens thus making your Duvet fresh and clean. Our Price range is:

Medium Duvets …..Ksh.800        Large… Ksh. 1000

Contact today on 0704120129 for mattress Services in Nairobi. Request a call back

We also offer post contruction cleaning, sofa set cleaningoffice cleaning, Housekeeping cleaning, Wooden Floor Sanding and PolishinCarpet Servicesevents cleaning services

Affordable Cost, Quality Services!


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