Housekeeping Services in Nairobi

Trustworthy & Reliable Housekeeping Services. Busy schedules make it hard to maintain clean tidy homes, office areas and commercial premises. Thereby need to hire a team of professional Housekeepers in Nairobi at Conpest cleaning to ensure utmost cleanliness in both our homes, offices and commercial premises.

Housekeeping Services

Our team of house keepers are professionally trained to the highest standards and our service range cuts across a wide variety of fields:

  1. Residential Homes Vacation Homes
  2. Rental Properties Hotels
  3. Apartments
  4. Offices
  5. Churches
  6. Public institutions

We offer specialized services plan and tailored to specified client’s needs. Our services base is weekly, monthly or occasional services leaving   you feeling comfortable and proud.

Our Housekeeping Services include:

Vacuum – We vacuum floors, furniture, and Carpets remove dust crumbs pet hair

  • Sanitize – We sanitize highly used areas such as Kitchen, Bathrooms, Toilets, Door knobs, Tile Walls and Surfaces.
  •  Wipe Down -This involves the cleaning of Greases, Food spills in all exterior appliances such Micro wave, Refrigerators, Ovens.
  • Dusting – We dust all surface of your premises and removal of Cobwebs and Debris on the corners of the ceiling.
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We also offer post contruction cleaning, sofa set cleaningoffice cleaningMattress cleaning, Wooden Floor Sanding and Polishing Carpet Servicesevents cleaning services

Affordable Cost, Quality Services


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