Commercial Office Cleaning Services

We take satisfaction in providing the best professional office cleaning services in Nairobi Kenya. If you choose our commercial cleaning services, we go an extra mile to ensure that this is the best cleaning experience your organization will ever get. Client referrals are what have grown us. And through good relationships we can boldly declare that we retain 90% of all our clients. And we do all we can to never change this trend amongst our clients.

Just like you, we at Conpst Cleaning are hardworking team who value every coin. We might not be the cheapest commercial cleaning services providers around, but our office cleaning rates are competitive, our estimates are accurate with no hidden charges, and our services second to none.

We have heavily invested in employee training. After a thorough hiring process, all the new employees undergo a four weeks training program. Therefore our staff is skilled and professional with good communication skills. You want have someone around your office that looks lost and doesn’t understand himself. We will see to it that your anxiety is replaced with the delightful convenience that only true experts can provide.

Your office is at the core of your business. It is the home to your business. It will paint an outward picture of how professional you are as an organization. Therefore your business deals are to a good percentage depended on the how your office looks like, since it will form first impression to your potential clients visiting your office. Office environment also dictates employee turnover, absenteeism as a result of health complications and staff morale. In a single phrase, it dictates productivity of your organization. That is why you need to hire a professional cleaning company

Commercial Office Cleaning Services in Nairobi Kenya

Every office has different needs. That is why we don’t have a specific program when it comes to commercial office cleaning. Our office cleaning services includes but not limited:

  • Furniture dusting.
  • Vacuuming and mopping floors.
  • Cleaning and mopping staircases.
  • Emptying waste bins and cleaning.
  • Wiping glass objects.
  • Cleaning wash Basins, Toilets, and Urinals.
  • Vacuuming Chairs and Upholstery.
  • Spot Cleaning Walls and Painted Surfaces.
  • Cleaning Kitchen and kitchen Appliances.
  • Cleaning of the Switches and Handles.
  • Wiping the Telephone, Keyboard, Monitor, and Periphery.

We office cleaning services cuts across all organizations from commercial offices, learning institutions, industries, warehouse houses, shopping malls and places of worship.

Talk to us today. We provide free no obligation quotations. Our team will take time listen to your needs and provide you with a tailor made office cleaning program that is totally within your budget.

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