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Conpest is a cleaning company in Kenya that focuses on quality while offering affordable cleaning services.

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We provide high quality custom cleaning services in Nairobi at affordable prices and deliver sparkling clean results.

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“If you are not happy with any of our work, we shall remedy the situation immediately.”

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Leading Cleaning Services Company in Kenya

Conpest cleaning services is a  professional  cleaning services company in Kenya with over 10 years experience providing in commercial cleaning services, domestic or home cleaning services and pest control services. We pride ourselves on giving a high quality services, providing complete customer satisfaction to our valued clients.

We offer a quality of service guarantee. “If you are not happy with any of our work, we shall remedy the situation immediately.” So If you are in need of high-quality commercial cleaning services in Nairobi Kenya, you can trust our Conpest cleaning team of professionally trained, hard working to staff to get the job done.

We believe our passion for excellent Customer Service, Experienced Staff & professional attitude, makes us one of the leading cleaning services company in kenya. Through our own personal experience we know that along with trust and reliability, the quality of service is paramount to the success of a cleaning services company in Kenya.

At Conpest cleaning services, we prides ourselves on perfectionism and going the extra mile to make sure that our own high standards are continually met again and again.

We offer, professional and quality steaming services for both Residential and Commercial premises to ensure that they are free from Dirt, Stains, Dust and Dampness.We also offer post relocation cleaning.

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    Perfect Solutions From An Affordable Cleaning Company in Kenya

    Carpet Cleaning

    A clean carpet adds grace and elegance to our homes, offices, hotels and restaurants. This makes them look more presentable and inviting. Hence regular cleaning is a must. Conpest cleaning services guarantees excellent carpet cleaning services in Nairobi Kenya.

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    House Cleaning

    Busy schedules make it hard to maintain clean tidy homes, office areas and commercial premises. Thereby need to hire a team of professional housekeepers from a reliable cleaning services in Nairobi to ensure utmost cleanliness in both our homes.

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    Sofa Set Cleaning

    We all like to spend time in the comfort of our seats. That’s why we provide the best Sofa set cleaning services in Nairobi and Kenya.We clean sofas and couches ranging from Fabric, Leather Seats, Vinyl, Suede Couches and Velvet. Our Nairobi professional sofa cleaners  guarantees you excellent results

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    Post Construction

    Commercial buildings requires post construction cleaning services to be able to attain the fine finish and sparkle that Construction managers and their clients intended to achieve. We are the best cleaning company in Kenya for post construction.

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    Mattress cleaning

    We deserve a good night’s sleep after a long day of work. And what better way than in clean beddings and mattresses? Our mattress cleaning services in Nairobi cleans your mattress from the comfort of your home using Modern technology machines

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    Wooden Floor sanding and Polishing

    We freshen up hard wood floors that are worn out, faded and have an old look. We use modern technology to ensure that we restore all wooden floors to their natural look. We uphold utmost professionalism and quality

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    Cleaning Services In Nairobi Kenya Price List

    Carpet cleaning prices. Prices are at a discounted rate when we clean the carpets on site

    Size Price
    Medium Carpet 6 by 5 Ksh. 2000
    Large   Carpet 11 by 6 Ksh. 2500
    Wall to Wall Carpet is charged per Square feet.  


    Sofa set cleaning: Our Price ranges are at discounted rates and hence it depends with the type of material and seat number to be cleaned.

    Size Price
    5 Seater  Ksh. 3500
    7 Seater Ksh. 4000
    L-shaped Sofa Ksh 4000
    Office chair Ksh 600
    Dinning sets Ksh. 250
    Dinning seat Ksh. 200


    Mattress cleaning: Our price range depends on the size of the Mattress. Our technicians will also provide high effective sterilization and removal of allergens thus making your Duvet fresh and clean

    Size Price
    For 5 by 6 Size Ksh. 2000
    For 6 by 6 Size Ksh. 3000
    Mattress bed Ksh. 4000
    Medium Duvets Ksh.800
     Large Duvets Ksh. 1000

    As for all other services. Kindly call us on 0704120129 and we will provide you with a pocket friendly quote. Visit the free quote page and request for a no obligation quote

    Conpest Cleaning Commitment

    At Conpest cleaning we will continue to offer personalized cleaning services in Nairobi and Kenya. We will continuously improve our cleaning services through technical expertise, customer centric approach in all our processes and respect the environment. We continue to use eco friendly products during our processes. In so doing, we will nurture the talents of our employees to achieve personal growth while enjoying what we do. We will strive to remain the best cleaning services company in Kenya.


    We Offer Great Cleaning Services In Nairobi and Kenya

    Our key focus and goal is to understand our clients experience from their point of view. We see this as our central focus that drives every aspect of how we conduct our business and relate to our customers. We guarantee professional cleaning services in Nairobi and around Kenya. Whether you need cleaning services in Nairobi or aroud Kenya, Conpest cleaning services will have a custom tailored cleaning solution for you.


    What Our Clients Say About Conpest Cleaning

    Ann Kabillah

    I highly recommend their cleaning services in Nairobi to anyone living in the city and looking for an affordable, dependable, thorough cleaning team. They've always been on time and we see the same team member each week. They always exceed our expectations, and are completely flexible with our requests.

    Carol .N

    Thank you for such a great service & showing up in time. I have really enjoyed your cleaning services in Nairobi.They are such nice people. I like the prices too. Your are the best cleaning company in Kenya period.

    Alice Acholla

    The cleaning was very efficient and thorough. You received early feedback well and responded to correct the issue (new mop). Wonderful customer service in scheduling and alerts when our housekeeper is out – or changed.


    Amazing! I had my house cleaned by Conpest cleaning, they were very friendly and professional. I asked for a deep clean since it was my first time using a professional cleaner. The bathrooms are sparkling, my fridge looks great (inside and out)-my house looks brand new! I will definitely use them on a recurring basis. I can say they are the best cleaning services company in Kenya

    Andrew T

    Great and on time. It was a last minute request as my previously scheduled cleaner canceled at the last minute. Did an excellent job. Very thorough in areas I didn't even consider. Friendly and would definitely recommend. They offer the best cleaning services in nairobi Kenya.


    I have used Conpest a couple times now and have been very happy with the results. They pay close attention to detail and do a great job. It's nice to come home to a clean house and trust the people that are in it when you are not there!!! The staff is always extremely friendly, they are prompt and show up on time. Best cleaning services company in Nairobi

    Conpest Cleaning Promise

    We are dedicated to reliability, punctually, and affordable quality cleaning services in Nairobi and Kenya. Our cleaning team is professional, hard working and friendly.  Please take the time to browse through our site, to read about our services and to check our references. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Years Experience
    Projects Completed
    Workers Employed

    Why Hire Us! Best Cleaning Company in Kenya

    There is a reason we are the most trusted name in home cleaning company in Kenya. Conpest is the premier comercial cleaning company in kenya, consistently delivering premium cleaning services. We have provided over 10,000 office and house cleaning services in Nairobi since we opened.

    Conpest Cleaning Services strives to constantly increase efficiency and effectiveness by providing:

    • Pleasurable service delivery
    • Building long term relationships with our clients

    Our Clients

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    Finding The Best Professional Cleaning Services Company in Kenya

    We have so many cleaning companies in Kenya. And when it comes to choosing a reputable cleaning services company, there’s both a right way and a wrong way to go about the hiring process. The cleaning services industry is crowded just moving industry. There are lots of options out there. We have so many cleaning companies in Kenya. It’s easy to get lost weighing up the options.

    How do you get started with finding the best cleaning services in Nairobi ? There are a lot of factors that go into finding the perfect company for you. To help you narrow down the list of places in your area, we have come up with a series of questions you should ask yourself before picking up the phone. Sit down with a pen and paper and prepare to transform your home or office into the cleanest place possible.

    Assess Your Long-Term Goals

    The first thing you want to decide is if whether or not you want to establish a relationship with a cleaning service. Some businesses are better set up to come into your life for one day and then leave without further word. Others pride themselves in their long-term business relationships with you and other clients.

    If you just need help with spring cleaning, taking care of an abandoned home or old attic, or want to start fresh in one of the rooms, then you’ll probably be happy with a smaller company that focuses on one-time gigs. They will arrive, help you clean what you want, and then leave the maintenance up to you. If you are someone who is overwhelmed by your current dirt and clutter, try doing things this way.

    On the other hand, if this is for your office or store, or if you have a large house that is difficult to maintain on your own, then you may want to find a company that will come clean for you on a set schedule. Small offices usually have cleanings on the weekends. A person with a medium-sized house is usually happy with the once a month visit.

    Form A Budget

    Not all of the cleaning services companies in Nairobi offers are cheap. However, it’s a good rule of thumb that the more expensive your schedule, the more you will get out of it. While this is not always true, and you should do your pricing research, be prepared to pay for the services you want.

    Sit down and create a budget. Whether you are the head of your household or in charge of a large office, the person making the final decision should know where they stand financially. Also, keep in mind that every cleaning service will have their charges and savings. Always read the fine print before you sign any contracts.

    Take, for instance, cleaning companies A and B. Cleaning company A may not charge you for any gas it takes to get to your place, but will charge thirty dollars an hour to clean your home. They will also charge you for any special cleaner that is necessary, such as for certain stains.

    Company B, meanwhile, only charges twenty dollars an hour for their cleaning services. However, they want you to pay an extra one dollar for every mile that they have to travel. This could end up costing you more than the first company, depending on the scope of your project and how long it will take to complete.

    For people looking to establish a long-term business relationship, keep in mind that you may be able to get a good deal if you enter into a contract with somebody. These services want your patronage, especially in today’s economy that has meant many people are letting go of their cleaners. It never hurts to ask if you will get a special rate if you use their service frequently.

    Compile References

    Once you have eliminated companies based on how close they are to you and whether or not they fit into your budget, it’s time to start compiling references.

    There are many ways to find out about the quality of a particular business. One of the best ways is to track down somebody else who has used a service and get their honest review. Most people find out about companies through their friends and families. They may hear something over the dinner table or at the water cooler, and then have their interests piqued. This is also a great way to see a company’s work for yourself since you’ll probably have access to the home or office that these people had cleaned.

    The Internet is your other best bet, especially for a service that you are interested in but don’t know anyone who has used it. There are many fantastic review oriented websites out there that have probably compiled hundreds if not thousands of personal reviews of the cleaning services Nairobi offers.

    Read reviews carefully. Pick out the ones that point out good and bad things about a company, as the more level-headed reviews tend to be more honest. Also, don’t count out a bad review. Something somebody didn’t like about a company may be something that you are looking for. For example, maybe somebody didn’t like the fact that a service did not use an all-natural cleaner, but you don’t care about that if it means a cheaper clean.

    Why Should You Hire A Professional Cleaning Services Company?

    There are a number of reasons to hire a professional cleaning services company in Kenya to clean your retail space or office building. Below we will cover just a few of the reasons why you should hire a professional cleaning service.
    • The #1 reason to hire a cleaning service for your business is because they are the professionals! They are trained in the proper way to clean, dust, and sanitize your office space. Having a clean office is more than just being organized. The professionals know the way to give your office the clean environment it needs.
    • When the professionals come they bring their own supplies. Chances are you don’t just have toilet cleaner or disinfectant in the supply room. In order to get the deep clean your office or retail space needs, you have to have the right cleaning supplies. And you will always know that the paper towels in the bathroom are stocked.
    • Time is money. If you are spending time cleaning your own office or delegating cleaning duties to your staff, you are losing time, money, and productivity. It can also lower morale in the office. Your staff does not want to clean the toilet, they want to do what they were hired to do. Let your staff do what they are best at, and leave the cleaning to the professionals.
    • When your office or retail space is clean, dust free and properly sanitized it can cut down on germs and your staff will be less likely to get sick. If your staff is out sick it puts a strain on the rest of the staff and could lower productivity. A clean and healthy environment leads to a happy office staff.
    • You will appreciate your work space, office or retail space even more. When you work in a clean, organized environment, it leads to a more productive office staff. When you are not worrying about changing the paper towels or taking out the trash, then you and your office staff can concentrate on what is really important.

    Everything You Need To Know About Home Cleaning Services

    Many people use home cleaning services to keep their home neat and welcoming. Trusting professional cleaners can be a great way to make your home more comfortable, but you need to make sure you hire the right cleaners. It’s always best to do some research before using the services of a cleaning company. Learning a few things about cleaning services will make it easier for you to find the ideal home cleaning company and to get the best out of the service you selected.


    What Are The Advantages Of A Professional Home Cleaning?

    First of all, cleaning your home takes a lot of time and energy. If you have a full time job or children to look after, you might not always have the time to tidy up your home. And if you do have the time, you might not have the energy to clean your home thoroughly. Relying on a cleaning service means you will get more free time to focus on other important things or to relax.

    Professional cleaners can thoroughly clean your home, thanks to special products and equipment. Their many years of experience and training allow them to quickly spot the things that need to be done for your home to look flawless. As a result, professional cleaners will be able to get amazing results in a fraction of the time and effort it would take you to scrub your entire house on your own.

    Coming home to a clean house is a lot more pleasant than finding a messy home after a long day at work. This is especially true if you have children or pets who tend to make a mess. You will find that you are much happier and less stressed if you take the time to relax after a day of work instead of spending all your energy on cleaning.

    Professional cleaners can perform advanced cleaning services that will make flooring, furniture and decor last longer. Cleaners can, for instance, wax hardwood floors or shampoo and seal your carpet. In the long term, you might actually save money, since you might not have to replace your flooring and other items around your home as frequently or at all, even with normal wear and tear.

    Hiring a cleaner to vacuum and shampoo your carpet and dust and scrub everything in your home will improve the quality of the air you breathe. If you suffer from asthma, allergies or other respiratory conditions, clean air will make a huge difference for you or anyone else you live with that may be prone to asthma. Living in an environment with clean air also significantly reduces the risks of your children developing asthma and allergies.


    Are Cleaning Services Worth It?

    Paying to have your home cleaned by professionals is definitely worth it. However, you can end up overspending on these services if you are not careful. You should keep in mind that some cleaning services are more expensive than others. Typically, a service located in a well-to-do neighborhood will charge more for cleaning. A cleaning company that has been around for many years and with a solid reputation might also charge more.

    You should not hesitate to spend a little more so that you can hire cleaners who are properly trained and who have a lot of experience. The most affordable cleaning services in your area might not perform a thorough cleaning or might hire people who are not properly qualified and experienced. You might be tempted to save by selecting the most affordable service you can find, but you should keep in mind that you will probably get better results if you focus on finding a more reliable company.

    Some people feel that spending money on cleaning services is not worth it because they can clean and maintain their own home. While this may be true, you might not be able to get your home as clean and spotless as professional cleaners can. You need to remember that professional cleaners have received specialized training and use equipment to clean your home. You will not be able to get the same results with the cleaning products you can buy in stores.

    The main advantage of using a cleaning service is that you do not have to spend the time and energy necessary to keeping your home neat. This means you could get more work done, spend some quality time on your favorite activities and hobbies, or relax with family and friends. Having more free time to do the things you love or to work is well-worth the cost of cleaning services.

    Be careful not to pay for cleaning services you do not really need. Relying on professional cleaners might not be worth it if you are charged for unnecessary services. If you choose a company that offers packages, go over all the services included to make sure they align with your needs. It might be more efficient to select a service that gives you the possibility to personalize the formula offered.

    Best Cleaning Services company in Nairobi, Kenya.

    We are cost efficient, reliable and flexible. Request Call Back. Make Appointment. Customer Focused Company, Same Day Scheduling Available, Free Consultation Available.

    How Can You Get The Most Out Of Your Cleaning Company? Best cleaning services company in nairobi Kenya, Best Reliable cleaning services in Nairobi, Affodable cleaning Services in Kenya


    We have many cleaning companies in Kenya. Paying for professional cleaning services can be expensive, which is why you need to make sure you get the most out of the services you are paying for. This is especially true if you decided to spend more to receive higher quality services or have chosen to purchase a more comprehensive cleaning package. Here are a few things you can do to make sure cleaners do a good job in your home:

    • Clearly communicate your expectations to your cleaning company. If you have any preferences or needs, let them know. While there may be limits on what the company can do, you should not hesitate to ask for additional services when needed or to explain how or when you want to have your home cleaned. A cleaning service that values its clients will accommodate your requests.
    • Ask about quality checks. A good cleaning service should ask its employees to perform a quick quality check before leaving a home. This procedure should include checking the different areas that were cleaned to make sure nothing was missed. If your cleaning service does not require employees to perform a quality check before leaving, consider using a different company or ask how you can be sure that the cleaners will do a good job.
    • Take the time to inspect your home once in a while. If you notice that it is not as clean as it should be, contact your cleaning service. You should not hesitate to give them some feedback or to ask that cleaners do a few things differently. On the other hand, if you are satisfied with the services received, you should also let your cleaning company know!
    • Ask about additional services offered. Most cleaning companies in Kenya do a lot more than just vacuuming, mopping or scrubbing. Some cleaning services offer carpet shampooing and restoration, waxing for your hardwood floors, backyard cleaning, restoration services after a home has been damaged, and some companies even fix and restore furniture. You should consider using some of these additional services if you need help with maintaining your home. You might be able to get a discount on additional services if you already subscribe to residential cleaning.
    • Evaluate the cleaning plan you selected. Your needs might change or you might decide that you need additional services because you are not entirely satisfied with your current package. A good cleaning service should be flexible and make it easy for you to purchase additional services or to customize your package.

    In the end, using residential cleaning services is the best way to keep your home clean without having to put time and energy into cleaning it every week. The right cleaning company can do more than simply clean your home — they can transform your home into a more welcoming space, improve the quality of the air you breathe, maintain your home, and make it easier for you to find some free time.

    Cleanliness in the workplace might seem like a non-issue but when ignored, a business can face tremendous losses. Many companies rely on cleaning staff who usually deliver minimal cleaning services. Cleaning often involves vacuuming, emptying trash and dusting. These activities are not enough to remove deeper dirt, allergens, and dust that are hidden in blinds and the office furniture. This is why you need to hire commercial cleaning services company in Kenya. You will not only enjoy working in a safe space but also have the peace of mind to concentrate on the core business.


    Below is a discussion on why hiring commercial cleaning services should be a priority for you.

    1. Work in a healthier environment

    The issue of health in the workplace has become a major concern as the law requires employers to provide safe working spaces for employees. Professional commercial cleaning services can help in achieving this goal. Providers not only focus on making the workplace clean but also use products that do not harm human beings.  They remove dust, pathogens, allergens, deeper dirt, debris, mold, and bacteria from areas where basic cleaning activities cannot reach.  When dirt is removed, the environment becomes pest free, preventing workers from allergic reactions and infections.

    1. Save costs

    A lot of losses can occur due to poor cleaning practices in the workplace. When left unattended, the dirt accumulates in the office furniture, carpets, and blinds. Stains appear as a result of this dirt and sometimes pests can invade the cabinets, shelves, doors, and carpets among other surfaces.  When this happens, the management is forced to either carry out repairs or make replacements. These can be quite expensive. By outsourcing commercial cleaning services once in a while, these costs can be saved.

    Cost savings also occur since a company does not need to buy cleaning equipment and products. Commercial cleaning service providers usually come with their own equipment.

    1. Increase business productivity

    Health means wealth. When business managers and employees are healthy, they are able to generate more income for the company. A clean environment where there is fresh air boosts the morale of the employees. Companies that provide commercial cleaning services enable workers to have peace of mind and focus on their activities. Where employees are content and motivated, performances increases and a lot of income is gained. Commercial cleaning experts, therefore, do more than just clean your business premises.

    Increased productivity also comes from the fact that sick days reduce when employees are protected from allergens, pathogens, and infections.

    1. Customer attraction and satisfaction

    There are several ways of attracting customers, and cleanliness is one of them. The image that a client gets when they first walk into your office or shop determines the perception they will create about the business.  If they walk into an environment that is neat and has fresh air, they are assured of quality services. A smelly and untidy space will leave them questioning the professionalism of the business.

    Basic cleaning practices might not give the business a professional look like the way commercial cleaning services would. Providers usually customize their services to suit your business needs.

    1. Access full suite cleaning services

    When you outsource commercial cleaning services, you will access a wide range of services. Full suite cleaning packages include cleaning, sanitary bins, garbage collection, fumigation, and pest control services. The provider can clean carpets, upholstery, drapery, tiles, air duct, floors, and walls. While at it, you can make arrangements for repairs to be made on various services. They also provide sanitary bins as well as collect the waste. Commercial cleaning service providers also fumigate and apply pest control methods.

    Access to a wide range of services from one provider saves you a lot of money and time. When there is a lot to be done, the provider is likely to give business discounts.


    1. Quality cleaning services

    You can rely on commercial cleaning service providers for quality services. Most of these companies use modern and safe cleaning techniques. They also train their staff on the best practices such that even the harder to reach areas can be reached and cleaned thoroughly. Most of these cleaning companies are also looking to build great reputations. As such, they are always researching on quality cleaning so as to deliver the best.


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